Best Mistake Ever

Everything I do belongs to the “Best Mistake Ever” category.
Yup, that’s right, almost all my mistakes made my life more special, helped me, given me the opportunity to do something important for me and why not, even made me happy.
It’s kind of strange, isn’t it?
How can one’s mistakes take him so far in life?
And if so, how can he make those mistakes when he needs them?
Simple answer: he can’t do that.
These “opportunities” come when you least expect them.
Take me for example; I tried to do something that seemed wrong, but it didn’t work.
But if I do something wrong by mistake, it turns out very well; it turns into an opportunity.
I realize now that I really can’t do wrong with anything, even if I want to.
Maybe you’re thinking that’s a good thing…
But what if you want to swear at someone or something when you’re mad?
Or try to offend a person in some way because he did it to you first?
What if you try to get revenge, even though it’s a bad thing?
Well, I surely can’t; it seems I can’t do anything hurtful if I want to.
And people really laugh out loud when I swear (don’t worry, I don’t do it often)!
Anyway, I was talking about mistakes, the kind of mistakes you want to do all over again.
 I love those silly mistakes!
So tell me lovelies…
Did they ever happen to you?
And did you take advantage of them?
Lots of love,
Aleka Sarah. ♥

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2 thoughts on “Best Mistake Ever

  1. Lulu and the Locket

    oh yes, I can’t count how many ‘mistakes’ I’ve made along the way, but I have never regretted them as I really like where they have brought me! Okay maybe I would have avoided that red dye job I did about 6 years ago, but there was no lasting effects lol. Seriously though, you’re so right, the non pre-meditated mistakes always have a way of working themselves out, but the conscious mistakes don’t! xx

  2. Daiane

    my silly mistakes usually come from not thinking too much before doing something… i mean acting on impulse… yeap, that’s me! and it worked fine& in my advantage for 22 years! =D



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