You have talent.
Now let’s see what we can do with it.
Understand other people and you’ll begin to understand yourself.

More details on IMDb.

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3 thoughts on “Fame

  1. MorNaBlue

    Here’s what i think: understanding other people can help and can be a good /bad thing, but not in understanding yourself. If you try to understand yourself after you understand the others, its nothing more than a comparison of yourself with the others. And how fun is that? Anyway, thats what i think 😉
    Btw, i discovered your blog yesterday, found it interesting, decided to folow it, but didnt work quite well. Ive succed today, hope its ok 🙂
    P.S. I am Romanian like you 😉 and i live in Sweden…hmmm how did you know :))

  2. Sunshine Sarah

    That’s a quote from the movie, said by an acting teacher who tried to make his students understand the behaviour of other people around him to succeed in acting.
    I find the quote ok because of the argument above, and because I experienced something like that; not really acting, but I found that I understood myself better while understanding others exactly because I didn’t want to turn into them; I wanted to be.. well, me, and found myself through some of them, through their life experience.



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