Going on vacation!

Yup yup!
You heard me right!
It’s vacation time for me… And I’m super excited (besides exhausted!).
I’ll be off visiting a very good friend of mine in Brasov this night.
Yay! ^.^
I’m finally going to spend some wonderful time, taking long walks on the streets of Brasov, chatting and drinking fine wine in the middle of the night with my dear friend.
Of course, I’ll be back for my b’day party, don’t worry… And don’t miss it!
It’s going to be a blast!
So, here are a few great posts from around the web… and I guess I’ll see you guys in a few days!

So cute! The “Velma” style! ^.^

Who doesn’t want a kiss in his pocket?

I’m adoring this. Because it’s cute. Not hot.

You must love Stockholm!

Music… by birds. Lovely! 

Use it or lose it! Funny and intelligent post-its. 

High couture Spring 2010 – beautiful pastel colours.

Can’t wait to get a laugh out of this one! And it appears exactly on my b’day. He he!

Rainbow pancakes! How crazy is that?! Looks yummy though…

Talking about balloons… here’s some weird looking and funny ones.

Beautiful snowy Amsterdam

And just take a look at this lovely lady!

Lots of love,
Aleka Sarah.

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4 thoughts on “Going on vacation!

  1. Jwly

    Have fun, sweetie! *hug* ce bine de tine! mai am si eu vreo 20 de ore (deci vreo 1200 de minute si vreo 72000 de secunde o_O) si scap. Abia astept!!


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