Have a cool weekend!

Oh, boy, this week seemed long and the next is going to be looonger.
I’m trying to put myself to work, study that is, for my future exams. Hopefully it will work, ’cause if not… well, let’s say, it wouldn’t be pretty. It’s like all I want to do is lay in my bed all day and watch TV. And I’m not a TV fan at all!
I think the heat is getting to me really bad. What I wouldn’t do for a little rain right now…
Heh, anyway, even though the weather is killing me, I managed to find some nice posts around the web.

Super long, but gorgeous earrings from Verde Rocks.

Lovely shade of blue on this pretty dress.

Beautiful simple rings have their way to my heart.

Been there, done that… How to avoid a standstill.

Funny as can be: cats in hats.

Peanut butter crispy bars, yum!

This necklace would fit me well; what a mess. 🙂

This Big Ben tattoo is awesome!

Who’s keeping track of how many times you screw up? No one, keep that in mind.

Lots of love,
Aleka Sarah. ♥

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