Have a dreamy weekend!

I have many issues to solve for my last college year and
I don’t want to let the problems bug me in any way.
I want to daydream a little more.
I think that’s why I’m still daydreaming about Paris,
Even though it’s been almost two weeks since I arrived from there.
I keep seeing old little buildings, little Eiffel Tours, bridges, carousels,
brasseries, croissants, macarons, raclette, fondues, baguettes,
guitars, street artists, chic ladies, charming guys…
It’s crazy!
Vive des vacances, indeed!

Lots of love,
Aleka Sarah.

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9 thoughts on “Have a dreamy weekend!

  1. Zabrinah

    I very much want to live in Paris one day. I know I will when the times right. But for now, I’m okay with daydreaming about it.

    Thanks for these lovely photos. They’re amazing.



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