Have a relaxing weekend!

I’m not in the mood to say or write anything. I’ve been feeling kind of sick for a few days now. I’m sure it’s not a cold, I just feel very dizzy.
And I’m scared of my future exams because I  haven’t written my essays yet, and they’re mandatory if I want to pass the exams. Bummer, right?
I’ve got to pull myself together.

I would love to spend some time or even live in a house like this.

This cat sleep eye mask would be cute, and yet useful if you’re having problems sleeping.

My go to outfit when I have no inspiration whatsoever.

Heather’s made some blueberry topping cheesecake, my extra yummy sin!

How to set up an enchanted photoshoot in the woods, or how to stare at the enchanting guy in the photos. 🙂

This Caribbean hotel has such lovely interiors.

What a cool map! You scratch off the places you’ve been with a penny!

It was Claire’s b’day and she received the most adorable b’day message ever.

I don’t like animal prints, but these are different and very beautiful.

Luca Barcellona has amazing skills in calligraphic writing.

And here‘s a gorgeous print.

I’m in love with these comfy and flattering shirts.

Such an interesting ring, don’t you think?

Clever clutches, book clutches.

Are any of you afraid to be happy? Here are some tips on stopping that fear.

I’m addictive to Katie’s blog; just look at her “bed dance”!

Lots of love,
Aleka Sarah.

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13 thoughts on “Have a relaxing weekend!

  1. Lulu and the Locket

    awwh honey, don’t you worry you’ll get there. It is always the thought that is worse than the actual doing, when you’re in it you’ll feel different and focused! Have a wonderful weekend, I love your Friday finds, made me smile! xx

  2. Heather {A Measure Of...}

    You’ll get through all your exams! Just one breath at a time! Rest up and tackle those essays. Think of it more like a blog, where you put your personality into the essay. Try to make it fun or twist the topic in such a way that you can put your own personal fun stamp on it! This will shine through to whoever reads it! Good luck!!!

  3. MorNaBlue

    You’ll do just fine. The dizziness is caused by the stress. Just relax dear Sarah and…ill try the blueberry cheesecake 😉
    Have fun with the essayes :)Lycka till!

  4. Sunshine Sarah

    Hehe… Tack, tack! 😉
    I didn’t thought of that possibility (stress => dizziness); you could be right.
    Let me know how the cheesecake recipe worked for you! 😀
    Hugs right back at ya!

  5. MerCurios

    Keep your chin up and forge forward. You’ve gotten this far and I know you will get those essays done. When the time is right they will just flow & the exams will be a breeze. As they say “Carpe Diem”. I’m thrilled you find our ring so interesting. xoxo

  6. Daiane

    i loved the “carpe diem” ring! also, such a lovely & entertaining post!

    i saw what you wrote on my blog… sorry for having all that work to do! but i’m keeping my fingers crossed so you get to concentrate properly and finish all the work! go, go sweet girl! kisses, mwaaah!!

    p.s. i am still without an internet connection, but i “moved” to a coffee shop with wireless internet this morning, ha! =D

  7. MorNaBlue

    My dear Sarah! Hope is going well with your school work! Me im back here to tell you about the cake…well not the easiest cake to bake, but YESSSS i made it! And i dont wanna tell you how delish it was. Hard to stopp eating…goes totally on my DELISH-list 😉

  8. Sunshine Sarah

    Yeeey! 😀
    Happy for you! And envious! haha…
    Please have a piece for me too. 😉
    And try to find a cheesecake ice-cream when you go to the market, I ate a full bole last night and it was divine.


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