My Playlist This Week

Hey hey hey!
How was your weekend, lovelies?
Mine was full of reading, drinking lemonade and watching TV.
And having a horrible dream about me, my mom and… my fiance?!
No, really, in my dream my mom (who is super duper and outgoing) wanted me to marry a blond, blue eyed guy whom I didn’t knew.
Never saw the guy, neither in my dream or reality.
And I love blondies very much so, but this one hasn’t said a single word in my dream.
Now how can I marry someone I don’t know and that doesn’t want to speak with me?
Sort of a problem, right? I think he was shy, the poor little fellow.
Anyway, I’m 21 years old; I don’t want to get married!
So mom, if you’re reading this, please don’t harass my dreams anymore! Just kidding!
Even though I woke up with the thought of shouting at my mom, I wasn’t disappointed of her taste in men when it comes to pick one for me.
The guy was really, really cute!
The last two songs are from the “Step Up 3D” movie soundtrack and also part of my daily workout program.
They’re not really my style, but they’re quite catchy, right? 
Lots of love,
Aleka Sarah. ♥

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