Dreamtime Hot Chocolate

In my last post I said it’s going to be a new fresh start for me.
Well… I must say it wasn’t really that fresh. It was actually very… hot, explosive and crazy!
And I guess I’m not telling why… for now. 🙂
But I will tell you what a delicious pack of hot chocolate I bought the other day! It’s British and it’s called Whittard of Chelsea Dreamtime Hot Chocolate: a combination of chocolate with Camomile and honey flavours. And I totally love it! It makes me sleep like a baby.

And I do need a lot of sleep these days. That’s one of the reasons for why I’m going home tomorrow. Of course, the main reason is because Christmas is near and I want to see my family, but I sure need some rest. Not the peace and quiet stuff. I don’t need that; I’m more of a loud person. And, oh boy, my family sure isn’t the quiet type. But they’re so fun to be around with, especially for the holidays.
So, I dedicate this song to them…

And for the rest of you… a bunch of crystal snowflakes! 😀

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