Enjoy your weekend!

That’s what I’m going to do because I think I deserve it. I’m in search of some kind of balance these days, after a totally rotten period.
So, I’m glad to say that I’ll be off to Paris this summer with my mom, whom I adore. I’m so excited, because I know she’s going to show me all the lovely places she visited there when she was young.
To continue, here are some great posts around the internet I found this week.

First of all… Congrats, Joanna & Alex! Little Toby is finally here! And he’s adorable!

I think this place is perfect if you want to catch up on relaxation.

Strawberries, strawberries everywhere! Yum!

Let’s make fun happen, I say!

Things Katie loves about Moo… or things we all love about that silly fluffy cat.

Loving this, wanting it.

I think simple makes perfect. At least on Ashley.

Uh… say hello to this gorgeous fellow.

Constantly re-invent yourself. I’m doing it as we speak.

And because there’s always going to be rain, I’m in search for a cute umbrella.

Lots of love,
Aleka Sarah.

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