Have a calm & cosy weekend!

I’m so sorry, guys, but this week was so busy for me that I barely had a chance to see what’s up here and there on the blogosphere.
I organized a dinner party and, also, a pyjamas party with my friends. We had loads of fun, but, unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures… I was so tired that it slipped my mind!
Anyway, I still found some nice and fun stuff to show you…

Uh la la… young Parisians these days

Men’s fashion never looked so good…

Pretty, pretty dress, even though men think it looks like a curtain. =)

I think this lovely red coat could brighten up anybody on a gloomy day.

And speaking of gloomy days, here’s how Katie manages to pass them by.

Which reminds me… I want these silly straw glasses!

What do you think of these yummy sugar & spice cookies? They go so well with caramel!

And who is the cutest? ^.^

Lots of love,
Aleka Sarah.

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