Have a lovely weekend!

Actually I didn’t fail anything… yet. I’m talking about my exams, of course, and my “fabulous” and “exciting” life. Really hate this nasty little exams period. It’s seems that everything I do is wrong or insignificant. And my mind is full of OH, so much information.
Anyway, it’ll soon pass and then I’ll enjoy my mini vacation and B’day in peace and quiet… (hopefully… please? pretty please?!).
So, hope you all have a lovely weekend!
Have to say “farewell” to someone? Here’s a nice way to do it!
Do you have a secret smile? Well, I always have a secret smile for that special someone.
Have you seen the recent L.A.M.B. collection? I just love this outfit, and this one, and this dress!
This would make a lovely engagement ring… so little and sweet. (No, I don’t wanna get married! Not now, at least.)
Ha! Alix has a new pair of rocker boots! Rock on!
Don’t know what to say about this girl’s facebut her legs! They scream “Wow!”.

Here’s a short film about… hmm… falling in love. By Adi Bulboaca. Isn’t it cute?

Burberry youngsters! Emma Watson and her brother, Alex & a couple of other cute guys are posing for the Burrberry’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

A day with The Face Hunter! (Sorry, guys, it’s in French…)

I definitely want a red bike. Even though I don’t know how to ride one. 🙂

Tip: When sad, just google pugs. They’re so funny!

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