Have a nice & “friendly” weekend!

Yeah… nice and “friendly”.
Why friendly? Because this week was an awful one for me…
I’ll never, never, NEVER understand why some people talk shit about others just for the fun of it… I mean, what is the point in lying to others about your own friends? It’s just wrong.
That’s why I’m going to sit back and relax this weekend, watching one of my favourite TV series: Friends. It never gets old!
Anyway, here are some nice blog posts and videos I found this week…

These wonderfully humorous photos made my day.

Sweetheart necklines… Adorable and sassy!

Funny commercial for Nicorette. Quitting smoking could be dangerous… =)

Don’t wait for inspiration… I know I’m not waiting anymore.

Mmm… Yummy watermelon popsicles!

Lots of love,
Aleka Sarah.

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