Have a wonderful long weekend!

I’m in my exams period, so I’m in no mood for studying, obviously. But I have to do it if I want good grades. So, in my little study breaks I stumbled upon some interesting blogs and videos this week. I hope you like them too!
Wish you all a lovely weekend!

First off, ways to help the people of Haiti.

Pompadour or not… I think he still looks délicieux.

John Lennon like Sunday coffee time on Munich StreetStyle.

At first glance, I thought this Milan cutie was a dude, but then I realized it was a lovely lady with a cheeky expression. What great tomboy style!

Cute top and adorable Keiko Lynn. ^.^

The Cherry Blossom Girl and her little black dress

“You have to take chances in life.” – Lessons from a Tailor

Wishing for a relaxing vacation in this tree house…or this amazing hobbit house.

The Sleep Talkin’ Man blog! So funny!

Lovely oversized red sweater!

The new Burberry Men Collection looks pretty cool.

I simply love this funny, lazy and ironic cat… Garfield, of course!

And talking about cats, here’s one that thinks he’s a stunt cat! Hilarious!

Absolutely genius! See how these guys make a hell of a cocktail. One flaming sambuca over here, please!

No pants subway ride 2010! ^.^

A really, really fascinating video called The Third & The Seventh by Alex Roman: architecture, surreal, abstract, art.

Classic books embroidered in a form of a purse for all the girls out there.

A very nice song that could make you sad if you’re not in a great period…

And the song I’ll dance ’til my feet hurt after my exams are over: Young Love – Find A New Way.

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