Hello, my name is Aleka Sarah.

This post is dedicated to Keiko Lynn who wants to get to know her readers a little better.
So here are some random facts about me…

– I have a lot of nick names! I don’t know why, but almost every person I know gave me one, like: red, carrot-top, squirrel, kitty, kitten, butterfly, sunshine (go figure!), ducky, pumpkin pie, G-Force (yes, the movie)… and God knows how many more are there!

– I’m clearly obsessed with some words. I use “lovely” so often that my friends call it my trademark. The second one is “brilliant”. And I’m always calling people “love”, “sweety”, “babe”, like: “Hey, love, what are you doing today?”.

– I’m a jewelry maniac. But I can’t wear necklaces or rings or ear rings or anything if I bought them. They have to be gifts so that I can wear them proudly. 

– At almost 21 years old I’m kind of the middle child of my family. I have two step brothers (a little one & a bigger one) that I simply adore.

– I love and I hate art. Don’t know why, so don’t ask… When I’ll have an intelligent answer I’ll let you know. 

– I love coffee and tea. LOVE! I can’t stay a day without one of these two.

– I have many hobbies that make me happy and enthusiastic. Photography, swimming, dancing, horseback riding are just a few of them.

– I know only three languages: Romanian, English, French. And a little Spanish. Oh, and does gibberish count as a language? Hepellopo, mypy napamepe ipis Apalepekapa Saparapah.

– My mom says I’m a rebel or an adventurer. When I was 5 years old I run from home to get to my mom at work (2 km distance) because I was really, really missing her! I guess that’s when she knew I would be oh so independent, but family attached as well.

– I can move three parts of my face/head: my nose (like a bunny), my mouth/lips (from left to right VERY fast) and my ears. Seriously! 

– If I had to pick a theme song for my life, it would be Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve. I could listen to it any time; when I’m happy, excited or even when I’m nervous or sad.

– My eyes. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE says I have big, clear and beautiful eyes from the very first time they meet me. And some say that my eyes make them smile/laugh, while other say that they intimidate them.

– When I’m anxious I fidget and I fiddle with my fingers. But then again, I always kind of fidget. 

– I can’t really curse. At least I don’t do it as much as I have to so that I let out aggression. And even when I do curse, I make people laugh. That’s weird.

– Physical traits I would consider changing:  
My teeth: I know I should have used braces, but I guess I was too stubborn. Now I suffer the consequences.
My arms: like Keiko Lynn, I almost always wear sleeves, no matter what.

– Physical traits I love: 
My eyes: well, if people love my eyes, why shouldn’t I? Plus, I like it when they turn reddish or greenish, depending on my state of mind. 
My lips: I’ve always said that my upper lip looks like a mountain and the other one like a wave or something.
The “beauty mark” on my left arm: because it has its own shadow!

– I like to make people laugh! I guess that’s why God gave me the strange hiccup I have. It always makes someone giggle, even though it’s not that fun for me when I hiccup during lectures or exams. 

– I dislike being bored & I totally hate it when I can’t express myself. I think it’s enough said.

Lots of love,
Aleka Sarah.

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  1. MornaBlue

    Yepesepe, gipibbeperipishipi coupsountsp apasp lapanpguapaugep…hahaha! See, i dont know if its corect, you tell me, you can that better!! NIce to know you a little bit more, “lovely Sarah Aleka;)


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