I just wish we were each others to have.

I thought we were having a conversation
arms wrapped around each other,
on the couch, tired of watching tv
and I closed my eyes for a second
and then your mouth was on my mouth
and for three
maybe five
maybe twelve seconds
we were kissing.
Then again maybe four hours.

It happened on a Monday
at you place after eating ice-cream and watching cartoons.
The tv wasn’t fun for you
neither for me anymore,
but we stood on your couch in the dark and
we were sweaty, my hair was curly
and crazy because of you,
because we kissed and fidged
all afternoon.

It happened so fast and I was so surprised
that when we went outside
I had almost forgotten about it.


After a few days
I saw your girlfriend
and imagined her sitting on your couch
watching tv with your cat.

I couldn’t even focus on her face,
I barely remember where I was.

I know how to handle this because
I have stood on each point of that triangle,
and I get it.

I just wish we were each others to

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