Love and Other Disasters

As I told you earlier today, I’m going to write a few words about one of my favorite movies, which stars the lovely Brittany Murphy: Love and Other Disasters.

It’s a 2006 romantic comedy produced by Ruby Film, Europa Corp. and Skyline Films, in which Brittany Murphy portrays an assistant (Jacks) at British Vogue who is the catalyst for a group of young friends as they try to find love.

Jacks, who spent her childhood in America, now lives and works in London, at British Vogue, and shares an apartment with her gay friend Peter Simon, a screenwriter. Afraid to be disappointed by a serious relationship, Jacks prefers to spend her free time with her friends and sleep with her ex-boyfriend, James, whom she doesn’t love. Peter, who has never been in a relationship, spends too much time in his dreams and as a result cannot fall in love with a real person. It gets more complicated with the entrance of Paolo, a photography assistant for one of the photographers at vogue. As the film develops, they come to realize their mistakes and eventually reach their happy endings.

Of course, it’s not the best movie I’ve seen, but Brittany’s role is so funny and sparkly that it’s impossible to not make you laugh!
So, if you haven’t seen it until now and you want a good laugh, please do watch it!

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