Love Letters

I love e-mail. It’s much faster and this way you can keep in touch easier with everyone: colleagues, friends, family, co-workers; especially with people from abroad.
But I really miss getting handwritten letters. There’s just something about opening your mailbox and finding a handwritten letter or card inside. My first letters date back to when I was in my first years of school. I have letters from my high school days, from some old friends and old loves. All I receive now are B’day/Christmas/New Year cards from my dad (cause he’s in Sweden) and simply lovely letters from my grandfather. His writing is so special and beautiful, that I’ll always cherish his letters!
Now it’s all about e-mail, text messages, Twitter or Facebook.
Still, every now and then I rummage through my box of letters and read them all over again. If you wait long enough, it’s like reading them for the first time!

Don’t you miss handwritten letters? Do you still send letters to the people you love and miss?
If you want to make someone’s day, try sending them a love letter for Valentine’s Day!
It doesn’t matter if that person is your lover or just a good friend… it’s nice to show the special people in your life that you care about them.

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