Never Stop Dancing

We enter this world alone. We leave it pretty much the same way.

And in-between, a dance we call life.

Problem is it takes two to Tango. So we look for signs; something to help us to find our perfect partners.

A smile, a wave.

But we have to be careful; because while some signs can be misinterpreted, others can be missed completely…

Some dances you sit out.

Others you change partners.

And sometimes, out of the blue, some people Waltz back into our heart. When we’re just about over them, they tear us apart. With their smooth talking words or promises from yesterday. With the sound of their voice and the things that they say.

But when you find the right person you can Salsa dance with him all night long, every single day, without complaining that your feet might hurt.

The important thing is… you never stop dancing.

Even though if those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.

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