Snobbish Breakfast

Now that I’m back from Paris, I miss it quite a lot.
I miss having breakfast every morning in one of their brasseries!
Dressed in a flattering long dress, enjoying my café au lait and croissant.
Snobbish, I know, but lovely!
And talk about snobbish…
Let me show you what I mean…
Gorgeous, aren’t they?
These three dresses are part of a beautiful collection named Snobbish Breakfast.
And the designer is actually the chic little lady in the pictures.
Looking great, huh? I thought so too.
So, if you’re like me or Ana-Maria Morodan (the designer),
And you like to feel like a Parisian mademoiselle in a busy city,
Just visit her colourful blog and order one of her beautiful dresses!
You won’t regret it!

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4 thoughts on “Snobbish Breakfast

  1. Zabrinah

    I really hope I get to go to Paris someday soon! And speaking of traveling, I want to go back to London in the near future as well!

    I love that last dress. It’s so remarkably beautiful!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,



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