I like tattoos.
Not all of them, of course, but the idea of it.
I consider them a part of a person’s imagination…
…his desires or aspirations…
…something that motivates him…
…or just gives him a certain mood.
I personally couldn’t have a tattoo right now.
My imagination is too damn crazy…
…my aspirations always change…
…almost everything motivates me…
…and I’m such a moody person. =)
But who knows?
Maybe one day I’ll have a tattoo of my own.
Here are a bunch of cute ones…

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One thought on “Tattoos!

  1. Ana

    hi Sarah:)

    Thank you for finding the time to leave me a comment:) and thank you for your appreciation, it really means a lot:)

    You have such a cool blog and guess what? I love tattoo’s too:) I even have one on my hip:)

    Have a lovely week


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