New in: Swarovski Elements Magazine App

This one’s for my foreign readers, even though I know many of you translate my posts with Google. I appreciate it a lot and I promise I haven’t forgotten you! 🙂
It’s been exactly one year since Swarovski Elements released their online magazine and I just found out that now they have a new iPad app for it! I may have forgot to mention, but I’ve always had a crush on everything sparkly: shoes, clothes and accessories, of course! Therefore I was stunned when I received this gorgeous Navette pendant necklace from Swarovski Elements a few weeks ago. It’s simply amazing and it goes well with almost anything in my wardrobe.

Counting 12 issues until now, the magazine is a celebration of style, luxury, but also history. You can read about Daniel Swarovski, a man with a mission and a crystal-clear vision, find out more about fashion week and discover the latest fashion trends and new collections.
If I caught your attention, you should know that you can download the Swarovski Elements Magazine iPad app right here and also subscribe for free.

So what do you think, lovelies?
Interested in the magazine?
Lots of love,
Aleka Sarah.

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