Mama, I’m coming home!

Finally! I’m back in my hometown. I’m so happy I could cry, but I won’t because I cried these days because of something else, something much painful. It is so weird to know that you passed by that person at least once, that you have talked to him, that you felt him near you. Now he isn’t here anymore, he’s gone. It’s a weird feeling.
Oh well… Now I’m eating some Turkish delight and drinking Bailey’s, not too much though.
I can’t wait to sleep in my old bed again! And I can’t wait to see my grandparents tomorrow and go shopping with my mom like old times.
Life seems so peaceful in this little town…

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Strange day…

Strange day again…
After some seminars, I went with some friends at Dalles to search for some gifts.
And for the first time since we broke up I met my ex-boyfriend there. He was with his friends. I still cannot believe it. It happened so fast! And I can’t believe that he still has that dumb smile on his face. At least it went well…
After the gift hunt, we went to The Valley of the Kings to have a cup of tea and a smoke of cherry flavored hookah. I couldn’t stay very much there because my mind was a mess and I couldn’t think clear. I still can’t and I don’t know why. As I said a few days ago, I’m in a very strange mood these days.
On my way home, I listen to a song that I really liked when my ex and I were still together.

P.S.: I think I need a change. I need someone new…

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Bad day…

What can I say…? I’m done with the Marketing test, done with my homework and some projects. Finally!

But today was very fucked up for me!

I woke up at 8 AM, sleepier then ever, realized that I’m going a little late; at least the coffee was good (thank God!). Then at 10 I had a seminar. At 12 I arrived at the cafeteria, where I waited half on hour to eat something because I was starving. I finally met CG there (hope you don’t think I’m a wacko).

Then I went to the studying room with some friends to study for that damn test. I stood with the Marketing book in my face for an hour. Interesting, isn’t it?

Then we all went to take the test. And, surprisingly, I wrote quite enough.

After the test I went to a skate shop where a friend of mine works. Had some fun there… Until 11.15 PM when we realized that we can lose the last subway train. And guess what? We did.

So I had to walk all way back home… I think this was the coldest night ever.

I’m so tired right now, and angry, and sad, and my soul is full of mixed emotions, and my mind is full of mixed thoughts.

I think the only good thing about this fucking day is the fact that I saw CG and that I got rid of the test and most of my projects.

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