Have a beautiful autumn weekend!

Hey lovelies!
Sorry for the big delay, but I really had a bad internet connection until a few days ago. I couldn’t do anything with it, couldn’t post, couldn’t comment very well, pages wouldn’t load, etc. But I promise that from now on I will fill you up with posts! Eh, at least I’ll try, now that I have the time because my exams are finally over. Thanks you again for your support and good luck messages! You’ve been great!
Uh, and school will be starting soon. It’s definitely a good time for a little shopping. ^.^
So, I’m going to go and check out my wish list for this season, but I’ll leave you guys with a few inspiring posts I found around the web…

Love the first look here; it makes me love autumn.

And talking about autumn: don’t you feel awesome when wearing layers?

And what would go so well with this new season… black suede wedges!

Or these beautiful creamy wedges from The Coveted.

More lovely boots you can choose from.

Some extraordinary nature indoors.

I want to try one of these recipes this weekend: blueberry ice cream & linzer cookies.

I think the cookies would go so well with a cup of white hot chocolate.

I absolutely love the couch in the last picture here!

School will soon start for me, so these school themed pictures are inspiring.

Although now I would’ve liked to be somewhere at the seaside.

Remember I have an obsession with arrows? Especially arrow rings, like this one.

This up-do is so chic; if I had the hair for it, it would definitely be my go-to.

Thanks to Tiffany, this pilates move is my favorite too.

Late night insecurities… we all have them.

But we mustn’t forget to practise happiness.

Remember Keiko Lynn’s boyfriend, Bobby? Here‘s what Keiko said about him and their relationship. Lovely!

Lots of love, 
Aleka Sarah.

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