Have a sunny weekend!

Hey, lovelies! How’s it going?
Gee, I sure forgot about the weekly weekend posts… My bad. I just had so much stuff going on in my life, that it totally slipped my mind.
I had a little vacation and went to the seaside; it was lovely. Then I returned home, in Slob City, to spend quality time with my mom and some friends. And, quite amazingly, my dad showed up here to see me, along with my little brother, and brought me some fancy things to wear. By the way, my brother is getting taller, blonder and more handsome by the year. And he’s a really good tennis player; he’s already one of the top 10 junior players in Stockholm, Sweden, at only 12 years old. That little guy makes me so proud!
Anyway… Now I finally have time to post some really nice links around the web and tell you guys that I’m soon going to be off to PARIS! Yay! I’m already very excited about my little journey.

First of all, I’ve got my eye on this little gadget.

And this handmade candy journal.

This post-it reminded me that life is a bumpy road, but that’s why it isn’t so boring.

I think I’m going to make some caramel popcorn next time I’ll enjoy a nice movie.

My motto, once in a while: Don’t hold back.

The view from this terrace is simply delightful!

The perfect daybed for some good daydreaming.

This is one of my favorite summer deserts; so fresh!

Lots of love,
Aleka Sarah.

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