Have a wonderful weekend!

Yaaaaaaaay! Do you remember this post?
Well, I officially found a new place to stay! My own little apartment for (at least) an entire year. I’m so happy I solved it out; now I can dedicate all my time for the exams. Bleah!
Anyway, I’m slooowly moving in my new home and I can hardly wait to start living there.
In the meantime, I found these lovely posts around the web…

I love this two finger ring!

And I’m sure my mom would love this puzzle board.

It’s decided: if I ever get married I’m going to make it near the seaside. Look at this lovely wedding in Jamaica.

And talking about weddings, I think it will be a bohemian wedding. *sigh*

Take a look at that amazing outdoor furniture; it makes me want a terrace.

Or a hideaway house… I always want to escape the busy city.

And check out this spacious bathroom!

I miss Paris again… Really craving for some caramel macarons.

Then again, I kind of miss Stockholm as well… and I’m craving for another kind of desert. 😉

One of the things I love about Autumn: layers.

Have you got the hero complex? ‘Cause I sure do and it’s not really a pretty sight.

Lots of love,
Aleka Sarah.

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13 thoughts on “Have a wonderful weekend!

  1. beauty comma

    hi sarah, thank you for the blog birthday comment!
    and congratulations on finding a place to stay, it’s always such a huge relief when these things work out. have a great weekend!


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