Hey, guys!

I got to tell you, I’m a very outgoing person.
I always get into conversations with people I don’t know that well, or even strangers.
I’m friendly to almost anyone. I know, that’s not quite a good thing.
But, hey, I can’t stop being who I am, right?
So, I was thinking the other day that I really, really want to know my fellow bloggers, my followers, my readers. And because most of you are from different places in the world, I thought of an easy way to do that.
Why don’t you comment on this post something that you think describes you best? Something about you, something that you like, a song, a video, anything! Just give it a go and I promise I’ll reply to your comments here or on your blog (if you have one).
Lots of love,
Aleka Sarah. ♥

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2 thoughts on “Hey, guys!

  1. Heather {A Measure Of...}

    Hi, I am just finding you for the first time. How to describe myself. I guess I’ve been thinking of place a lot lately, so I’ll just go with location. I’m currently living in the Chilean side of Patagonia, but I’m from California, USA. Been trying to get back to the states with my husband (who is from Turkey) for the last several months. I’m living in winter right now, and trying to keep my sunshine on!

    Have a lovely day!

  2. Sunshine Sarah

    Hey Heather!
    Wow, never been to Patagonia, or Cali either. But I so, so wish to get to California some day, I heard it’s lovely.
    It’s good you’re optimistic; I should be more like that this period. 🙂
    I’m really glad you shared your thoughts with me; stop by anytime!



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