My Playlist This Week

So… I don’t have much to say today.
I woke up this morning with a sore throat, a headache, swollen eyes and a really big back ache.
I’m a mess and it seems like my coffee lost its taste.
I didn’t even sleep well because of some wacky dreams that are back to haunt me.
I don’t like autumn. It’s depressing. It makes me feel lonely and sad.
I wish I’d be in another place, another city, another country now.
Lots of love,
Aleka Sarah.

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15 thoughts on “My Playlist This Week

  1. Laura Tenshi

    I am Laura nice to meet you and I’ve found your blog on Nookie’s post with some pictures of you. Imi pare rau ca nici macar nu m-am orezentat, pfff where are my manners? Anyway, I am following you back. Esti din Timisoara? How cool is that?

  2. Sunshine Sarah

    Eh, nu-i nimic, chill…
    So, I’m Sarah (or Aleka, both are my names).
    Dar nu sunt din Timisoara, scrie undeva asta?!
    Sunt nascuta in Slobozia, si studiez si (incerc sa) traiesc in Bucuresti. 😛

  3. Laura Tenshi

    Ah no, doar ca aparuse ca e cineva online din Timisoara cand mi-ai lasat comment. Acum am vazut ca ai la location Bucharest. Well, it’s not that bad living here :)) Hope you enjoy your stay.


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