Simple keys to being happier today

We all want to be happier, right?
Well, just like anything else you really want, you’re gonna have to work at it a bit. It doesn’t matter how you remember to do it, but you must remind yourself daily. You must make happiness a habit. Calendar it on your phone if you have to. You can start right now. Here are a few tips on being happier today:

Smile: Ok, so I have a hard time with this one. I’m always thinking of something even when I just stroll in the park and apparently, my thinking face looks bitchy. I was once told by a friend that I looked like I would rip his balls off and juggle with them. And some other times I really do have a silly smile on my face, especially when I’m daydreaming. As stupid as it feels, smiling can make you happier; it’s a physical cue that tricks your brain into thinking you are actually happy. Make a habit of at least having a little grin or smirk on your face.

Look for something beautiful: If you’re reading this blog, you probably already know this one. If you’re new here, I suggest you take a look around. Look around you everyday and you’ll find something that will make you think “Wow, lovely!”.

Turn it all off and get out: It is very easy to get caught up in technology. TV, phones, internet etc. There’s no substitution for the real thing. Make an effort to get off your tuchus and get outside. Your body NEEDS it. Go somewhere. Walk or drive until you find something interesting. Talk to people. Smile and say hello. I know it can be scary to leave your comfort zone and that it actually “takes effort”, but it’ll make you a much more interesting person… which will improve your self-esteem, which will then… whatever, you get the point.

Do something for someone else: If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a hundred times. The reason you hear it so often is because it’s the truth. Research has proven that the happiest people frequently perform act of kindness. It doesn’t have to be a huge gesture. Send a random gift, hold the door open, give up your seat for someone else… the little random kindnesses are just as important as the big ones. For example, yesterday a lady heard my message ring tone and begged me to send it to her by Bluetooth; how could I say no to that?!

Decide to be happy. “If you are looking for something to complain about, you are absolutely certain to find it.” These are the words of  Gregg Easterbrook in an article on being happy. It’s so very true. Stop looking for things to complain about or things to analyze. Decide that you want to be happy, right now. Yes, now, sitting in front of your computer reading this. Then do what it takes to be happy. I don’t mean start planning out or thinking about what is going to make you happy. Don’t do that. Don’t visualize right now. Visualization has a time and place, but it’s a form of analysis, which can get you carried off on the wrong path, resulting in anxiety.
Decide. Do. If you come across something that makes you unhappy in the course of your day, deal with it and move on from it as quickly as possible. Be happy. There really isn’t anything stopping you from having frequent moments of happiness in your day. And that’s what happiness is really about. You can’t be happy every moment and it’s not some goal you’ll reach and not have to chase again. Get rid of that idea, decide to be happy, and you’ll have tons of happy moments in your day.

Remember how miraculous you are: Seriously, have you thought of this? I know, I know… for some people, it’s like saying “Jesus loves you!” to an atheist. But really, have you THOUGHT about this? Have you had that moment where you sit in front of something awe inspiring, like a mountain, or huge waterfalls and you just feel inspired, zen, awe-struck, like this is divine, or whatever? Or maybe you’ve seen something so tiny and delicate that you wonder how it exists in such perfection and complication in small form? Now compare yourself to that. You’re here and alive. You can think. You can move in ways that other living things can’t. The science of how your body functions is jaw droppingly complicated and it all comes together in this package that is you. You came from a tiny blob of cells for goodness’ sake! You’re here and you’re you because you have something to do, because you’re special to someone, and so on.

Play: Oh, we don’t play enough! Why are we all so serious?! Take a little time to do something simple and playful. If you need some ideas, look here.

Don’t dwell: This is a big one. It’s ok to be angry or upset. It’s not ok to dwell. Every time you think of something negative, ask yourself why you are so upset. Is there something you can do to alleviate the situation? Or is the source of your frustration mainly out of your control? Basically, you’ll either need to do something about it or get over it. It might sound harsh, but holding on to our emotions is a learned behavior, which isn’t necessarily a good one. So, stop dwelling and do something about it. Then, move on.
I try to tell myself these things every time I get upset.

Lots of love,
Aleka Sarah.

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