Tag, tag, tag

I received two tags these days.

The first one is from Ciocolatika. Thank you, sweetie, for the lovely awards!

Her tag sounds like this:
1. Say from whom you received the tag;
2. Share 10 thing you like;
3. Offer this award/tag with 10 other people.
So, 10 things I like:
– the smell of coffee in the morning;
– drinking tea on the terrace;
– styling everything, anything, anytime;
– laughing my heart out;
– peonies & white roses;
– Frank Sinatra (but he’s definitely not a “thing”);
– lounging at the beach;
– feeling kitten paws on my tummy;
– walking & day-dreaming at the same time;
– dancing with my soul on fire.
The second tag is from Shopperita and it’s about memories.
My first word as a baby: “Mommy” and then I started to babble anything, mostly in cipher. Mom’s says that’s why I’m good at foreign languages.

My first day at school: Uh, it was such a rush; I was overwhelmed by all the new kids.

My first kiss: It’s like I was born with it; no mistakes, just fine. 🙂

The first music band I was crazy about: I think it was Spice Girls.

A CD of a foreign band: I loved the CD’s my dad bought me from Sweden when I was a child, but I can’t remember the name.

My first high school day: Quite boring.

The first word/s my best friend addressed to me: If we’re talking about Ely (my best girl friend), I don’t really remember, but I know we both loved coffee very much.
And if we’re talking about my best male friend, I think it was: “We shouldn’t speak after 12 AM ’cause I’m transforming.”.
Just kidding, I don’t remember his actual first words, just mine, written down on a piece of paper. And thinking loudly in my mind that he’s a prick and I hate him! =)

My first day in college: Exciting and fun!

My first blog post: On the 10th of December 2008.

I share these tags with everyone.

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