Absolutely Fabulous

Ok, I’m so ashamed that I’m maybe the last one that posts photos and news about the Absolutely Fabulous Fair, where I met Yvan Rodic, the Face Hunter!
I’m a loser, I know, I know… But, hey, that’s not why I want to talk about the fair.
Yvan is a famous person in the blogosphere, especially in the fashion area, but famous people don’t amuse me much.
The girls I met there though, they really made my day!
And, of course, to my lovely friend, Lexie.

Lots of love to you guys!

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10 thoughts on “Absolutely Fabulous

  1. Sunshine Sarah

    @ Ana – Hehe… I know! It amuses me every single time I look at it! ^.^

    @ Arina – Thank you, but you’re the sweetest! >:D< @ Lexie – My pleasure, sugar! @ Laura – Damn right! 😀 We must do that! @ Leia – Hah, true, true. @ Marta – Thank you! @ Adela – Thanks!!!


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