Blair Waldorf’s Royal Wedding Dress

Brace yourselves, Upper East Siders, and prepare to drool over the wedding dress you’ve been waiting forever to see. Can you guess the designer? Yup, it’s Vera Wang with a piece from the 2010 collection.

Leighton Meester has been spotted slipping into a wedding gown to film a “Gossip Girl” scene, but it’s not like a wedding which some fans may have imagined for her character, Blair. Instead of looking happy, Queen B seems to be worried while she appears to be fleeing from a building where her nuptials takes place.

I wonder what may cause Blair’s anxiety…? Probably something about Chuck, as usual.

Anyway, it appears that the said outing that will air in early 2012 additionally marks the return of Georgina, who might not be invited to the wedding. In other on-set photos, she is seen angrily throwing a newspaper which features a headline of Blair’s royal wedding on the cover page.

What’s up with that?! I’m dying to know!

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Aleka Sarah.

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