Have a fun weekend!

 Oh, happy day! I’m going to see the Aerosmith concert with my mom and I can’t wait! Hope it won’t be raining though… ‘Cause these days the weather was quite strange and unpredictable.
The last week was a fine one for me; I started a new workout program, thanks to Lillian from Unstitched, that includes Tracy Anderson‘s cardio dance and mat work. I do it every morning and I must say I’m quite enjoying it!
Anyway, enough about me; here are a few interesting posts and videos I found around the web…

Cool watches.

Something pretty that Katie did.

This mood changing nail polish is getting me excited. =)

How do you like your eggs? Flowery? 😀

Anti-knock-up application from Durex. What will they think of next?

Cute print.

This summer treat looks great!

Stuff no one told me (but I learned anyways).

This video of Mr. Bean always amuses me…

Funny Pepé Le Pew cartoons!

And what about a tourist lane?!

Lots of love,
Aleka Sarah.

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