Have a great weekend!

I’m finally going home… for a couple of days, but home nonetheless. It’s my mom’s birthday and I miss her & my grandparents so much. They always make me feel like a kid again. And it’s comforting to know I could always go home to them when I feel tired, down and powerless. And I must say that these days I really felt under the weather. Even though the weather was quite fine. 🙂
So, I wish you all a happy weekend with the ones you love!

Poster love! I would love to own a few of these posters to hang on my walls.

Oooh, such cute spring flats! So quirky!

Lol! Watch out, the fashionista computer is going to take over the catwalk!

I love this music video: the coffee shop, the colours, the boy, the girl, everything!

Ha! Clever scratch “pictures” for kittens!

I definitely want to play real life Pacman! Here are the rules… =)

Oh, here‘s a fashionable little kid. Adorable!

I’m so craving for some cream cheese, caramel or milk chocolate frosting! Yum!

Twelfth St. zip wedge sandals + nude colour = lovely!

I Arina Varga & her awesome collection: I Scream SPLASH!

Beautiful coloured buildings… I wish to stay in a building like this on my next vacation.

Lots of love,
Aleka Sarah.

(photo via We ♥ It)

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