Have a warm & pleasant weekend!

Hey, guys! How was your week? I have to say mine was a freezing one. I’m sick and tired of this awful weather. Even though it’s said to be spring, all we got this week was snow and it’s not helping my condition at all. I’m so craving for some sun. I really can hardly wait for sunny days to come!
Anyway, here are a bunch of blog posts, pictures and videos I found over the week…

Great cover for a great book!

Cute little sloth necklace.

A lovely short stop-motion film starring Alison Sudol.

Another great post-it note! We should at least try to make happiness a habit.

Cookie letters! Or letter cookies! Yum-yum, anyway.

Sometimes floral patterns annoy me… but not this time. 🙂

Uh, such a great decorating idea! Fun too!

Must say, I love the grays.

And speaking about grays, here’s a cute one.

Nice outfit, great shoes.

Katie’s cat, Moo, is hilarious! Gosh, this cat has some personality…

Lovely look on Alix, again.

Oh, I saw Alice in Wonderland  a few days ago and I must say the 3D version is awesome! Here are a few stills from the movie.

My baby, my darling, we all get the slip sometimes everyday… in the sun… Nice song and fun video. 🙂

Uh la la, such a beautiful parisienne.

Ok, my friends tell me I sometimes look like this bunny when I move my mouth/lips. Really now?! Well, at least the bunny’s cute. =)

Lots of love,
Aleka Sarah.

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