H&M has always been my favourite brand.
I think I was 10 years old when my dad bought me my first H&M clothes.
Lucky me that he lives in Sweden, right?
Anyway, I have a huge crush on this brand because of its outfits, designs, materials…
And I got to hand it to them… H&M really know how to pick their models.
Especially their male models.
Take a look at this season’s guys…

Get it?
I guess this is another thing that makes me adore H&M.

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12 thoughts on “H&M

  1. Sunshine Sarah

    Hahahah… I think their position is to blame.
    But I guess you’re right… I think I’m into men in distress (or look that way), actually. That’s not good! =D

  2. Sunshine Sarah

    @ MorNaBlue – Indeed, true fact, sad fact. 🙁

    @ La petite Lou’lou – I must admit… I think I like the men’s line more than the women’s this season.
    But anyway, lucky me! Now I know what gift to buy for my best friend. 😀


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