It’s all about the I’s…

I am… not afraid to laugh out loud.
I think… all the time! It’s part of my insomnia problem. As soon as lie down my mind is flooded with ideas and I just can’t shut it off.
I know… my Heavenly Father loves me.
I want… to live a long happy life.
I have… everything I need but I still aim for more.
I wish… I could lose weight! =)
I hate… liars, fakes, cheats & timewasters.
I miss… having my family or a close friend near by.
I fear… not using my abilities to their full potential & loneliness.
I hear… the birds singing every morning.
I smell… sweet cherry flowers.
I search… the world around me for inspiration and answers.
I wonder… where I’ll be a few years from now.
I regret… not doing always what I want.
I love… to learn (the ability to read should never be taken for granted) & to photograph.
I care… about a lot of things. Mostly that the people I love are happy.
I always… check my e-mail! And drink a cup of coffee in the morning.
I am not… naturally mean. It takes a lot for me to be rude. I’m just clumsy.
I believe… I can do anything if I really want to.
I dance… after a shower while getting dressed.
I sing… all the time. It’s like therapy for me.
I don’t… drink or smoke.
I write… on my blog to keep people up to date with life.
I win… anything, if I really want to. Or just “the most clumsy girl” award. =)
I lose… the early riser award. I like to sleep till 9-10 AM.
I dislike… a lot of things, especially stupid people.
I never… lie to a person.
I listen… to good advice from those that have been there, done that.
I can usually be found… down town, in the centre of the town, in crowded places.
I am scared… to lose my mom, my family or my friends. That would be my biggest nightmare. Not seeing or talking to them everyday would crush me.
I read… romance novels, some fiction books, finances, and publicity & PR magazines.
I am happy about… the future. I’m always optimistic.
I dare… to say “I love you” to the people I love.
I hope… to achieve all my goals before I die.
I notice… the people and objects around me.
I clean… my room once or twice a month.
I express… myself through my art, my clothes, my words and my face.
I talk… very straight. I don’t like to beat around the bush.
I go… for a walk in the park for peace and quiet.
I drive… me mad sometimes! =)
I watch…trashy reality TV. I love it.
I dream… of being financially free and self sufficient.
I need… more sleep!
I haven’t… travelled the whole world yet.
I tell… myself & everyone else not to give up.
I pick… friends by their honesty & smartness. I don’t care how they look or how old they are.
I find… documentaries fascinating.
I run… slowly… lol. =)
I quit… trying to please people once I discovered my own strength.
I jump… in any sea if I see one.
I learn… everyday something new.
I play… with my friends even though we’re not kids anymore.
I own… my choices.
I make… decisions. I can’t stand when people can’t do the same.
I live… on a cloud in a big garden full of flowers, birds & butterflies… or in Bucharest.
I bring… happiness and creativity.
I open… up to the people closest to me.
I will… always try to do what’s right.
I suppose… I should get myself a drink instead of sitting here thinking about one.
I vote… according to my own conscience.
I buy… a tonne of milk and cereals! And clothes! =)
I fold… my clothes very badly.
I stand… up to any challenge.
I can… achieve anything I desire. I really believe that.
I wear… whatever makes me feel free. I like to wear purple, greens, blue and grey.
I smile… with all my heart & it makes others smile.
I cry… at the thought of losing one of my loved ones.
I pray… for strength.
I make… jokes every time.
I like… road trips with my family & friends!
I move… my furniture around to feel as though I’ve got something new.
I swear… more than I should but it’s still not that much!
I try… not to be as impatient as I really am.
I draw… whatever is on my mind.
I expect… my dreams to come true & my family and friends to love me.
I work… to make my present interesting & my future easier.
I admire… people who have loved, lost and carried on & people who had something to say in life.
I adore… children’s laughter. Is there anything sweeter?
I fantasize… about Adam Brody. Oops! =)
I look… forward to losing some weight at the gym & meeting someone special.
I cherish… my family, my friends, my photographs, my memories.
I appreciate… those that take the time to think of me.
I treasure… real friendship and love.
I could… do so much more than I’m doing at present. All in good time!

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  1. jeff34

    Real friendshiep and love ?… Mama mia ! It’s me ! Really… Trust me ! Come on my blog…! If you follow me… je me rappelle plus ce que je voulais te dire… Simply, lifeisbeautiful beautiful Sarah !

    ByeBye !………


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