This Fellow

You must know I’ve had a girl crush on Keiko Lynn since I first saw her blog.
I even want to name my future baby girl Keiko (when the time comes).
And I still adore her and her blog, or even more…
I’m having a big crush on this fellow, her boyfriend.
No, seriously, I like them both, as a couple, ’cause they’re awesome.
But just look at him…

Charming, isn’t he?
And it seems he’s quite a good cook too.
You can see some posts about what he likes to cook on his tumblr.

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2 thoughts on “This Fellow

  1. Anonymous

    Habba habba =p~ si e uman,ma asteptam la doua bete de picioare,n-am nimic cu tipii skinny,dar asa pare mai real tipu:)
    iti ador blogul,mereu ai numai chestii dragute <3 e o placere


  2. Sunshine Sarah

    :)) Heheh… eu m-am cam dezvatat, ca sa zic asa, de tipii skinny.
    Si desi nu ma omor dupa tipii tatuati, this one is quite hot.
    Ma bucur tare mult ca-ti place blogul meu. ^.^

    Many hugs!


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