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If you read my last weekend post a few days ago, you must have noticed the ring I was interested in.
After I searched the MerCurios shop a little more, I found more types of banner rings that I want to share with you.

Wonderful pieces, aren’t they?

My favourite now is the last one, the custom silver double banner ring.
It says “sors ventus temerarus” which means “fortune favors the bold” in Latin.
And as the description says, it reminds me to take advantage of each and every opportunity the Universe presents me.
I must say I’ve fallen in love with it now and it’s certainly on my wish list.
Plus, the shop is full of beautiful jewelry and I like the way the owner describes it.
MerCurios: eloquent & unexpected, sweetfully sensual & unapologetically hardcore. Rooted in emotion, spirituality, mindfulness of the earth, & just a bit goth punk. This unique collection includes, rings, bracelets & chokers that are crafted in copper, brass, steel, silver and gold.